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About the Company

The process that you will go through with Blue Note Technology while building your new application will be very similar to the process many of the larger technology vendors offer you.

Except there is one important difference.

With Blue Note, you will work throughout the entire project with the principals of the business.

Here at Blue Note, the owners actually assume a hands on role in your engagement. You benefit from each of their over twenty years of experience in software development and systems integration.

We begin by determining your goals, needs, and expectations. At this point we listen, take lots of notes, and guide you along, making suggestions based on our years of successful implementations of other sites. And, we ask for a point of contact in your organization to facilitate communications. From all of this we can draw up a proposal, outline budgets and schedules, and submit layouts and templates while ensuring we are all in agreement about what has to be done.

Next comes the fun part. RAP/RAD—rapid  application prototyping and development. This is the time when we start building, and it typically happens quickly.   This is the time where lots of questions get asked like: Is this what you meant? How’s this? What’d’ya think of this? Or this? Or this? We love this point of the process. We are extremely competent at it, and it’s the time where you give us the critical feedback that will result in a living, breathing application.

From here on in it’s review and feedback, review and feedback, until the application is exactly the way you want it. And when the application is deployed successfully, we will be there to provide support.

We work very closely with our clients and keep the lines of communications wide open. Working in this way, it’s almost impossible not to meet the project’s goals. 

And while your goal will be to be to have a new application that you can use, ours will be to establish a long-term relationship with you through personal, flexible service.