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Content Management

The one thing Web sites demand is content. Lots and lots of fresh, timely, informative content. Because, as we all know, content is what keeps visitors coming back to your site. If you fail in this area, your site will wither.

And, unfortunately, one of the most time-consuming chores your technical staff may have is managing content.

Blue Note Technology’s powerful Content Management System is full-featured and comprehensive for your technical personnel, yet also offers easy-to-use tools so non-technical staff can author, manage, publish , and archive their own content. Blue Note's CMS makes publishing Web pages as easy as creating and managing a Word document.

Blue Note Technology’s Content Management System gives you the following:

  • Secure browser based access to all content management functions: the Content Management system can be accessed by an authorized user anywhere there is Internet connectivity.
  • A content database: the repository of the site's content.
  • Custom templates for each content type: maintenance templates are highly configurable.
  • Versioning: this provides for multiple versions of a content item to exist at the same time.  For example, one version may be deployed to the public while another version is being enhanced.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Content attributes that include text, graphics and multimedia.
  • A flexible WYSIWYG HTML editor that supports sophisticated formatting features.
  • Publication and archiving of content scheduled by date and time.
  • Preview functions to view the web site as of any date and time.
  • Security that provides:
    • Access by content type.
    • Separation of content authoring from content publication:  this provides for content to be approved by a second person prior to publication.
  • A flexible framework for managing user permissions.

The Blue Note Content Management System contributes to the success of the web site by making it feasible to keep the site's content fresh and current without requiring intervention by technical staff.