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To some, e-commerce is a lot like  jazz. They know they like  it, but they’re not sure they fully understand it.

The only thing you really need to know about it is that, with the right technology and expertise, the Internet becomes a powerful channel to extend the range of your business. 

It starts with a well-designed, easy to navigate site. This is your storefront, and it should reflect your business in the same manner that your brick and mortar facilities present your business to the public.

The site, through technology, provides all the things that a physical store would offer. Everything from products to shopping carts to clerks  and checkout registers  should be offered to your customers. And they should be allowed to peruse your site using the same sensibilities they’ve acquired from shopping for years in physical building.

Finally, the site should be tightly integrated into the rest of your business, no differently than if you had opened another store in the physical world.

Blue Note Technology has developed a cutting-edge e-commerce platform that can be quickly customized to fit your business model. In partnership with Studio 180, we can build a site that is both feature-rich and intuitively easy to use. 

Blue Note Technology’s e-commerce solutions includes a:

  • dynamic multi-level product catalog
  • robust search engine
  • content management application that is as easy to use as making a Word document
  • fully-integrated gift registry
  • multiple destination shopping basket that allows users to shop for more than one person within a single shopping basket
  • 3-click check out system for registered users
  • function for notifying customers of their orders through email
  • functionality for administrators to view order metrics and analyze sales.


And because we are heavily experienced in back-end integration, we can integrate your site fully with your existing or planned enterprise systems and/or databases.